About BuyMyWardrobe

ACTIVE: 2013 – present


BuyMyWardrobe launched online in August 2012. Originally established as a designer fashion recycling event, the pre-owned fashion portal is now a growing community of over 95,000 registered users.

Founded by former fashion designer Kal Di Paola, the online marketplace enables individuals to trade pre-owned luxury and designer fashions in an exciting, stylish and inspirational environment.

The company’s mission is to redefine how pre-owned products are sold, encouraging sellers to capture and share their wardrobes in creative ways, and fostering conversation, aspiration and social sharing.

About The Founder

University graduate Kal worked in advertising after gaining her degree in management, but her love of clothes and making garments for herself and others soon saw her move into fashion.

After a small London boutique sold out of her first designs, she was encouraged to start her own label, and in 1997 Kal launched Kal Kaur Rai. A red carpet favourite, her clothes were sold in 140 outlets worldwide and regularly featured in key fashion magazines.

Then in 2008, after deciding to sell her own wardrobe, she realized that existing options were limited and began hosting regular fashion recycling events. And it was the popularity of these ‘pop ups’ that served as the impetus behind establishing BuyMyWardrobe.

Kal was awarded Young Achiever of the Year at the annual Asian Business Awards in 2004.