About Cult Beauty

Photo: Amy Priddle / Ispeakbeauty.co.uk

ACTIVE: 2012 – present


Cult Beauty is a London-based online beauty boutique that stocks a curated collection of international grooming products.

Launched in 2008 by Jessica Deluca and Alexia Inge, the company’s mission is to demystify the beauty industry via a site that offers select products, uncluttered design and insider knowledge and expertise.

Consumer trials and expert panel advice not only determine which products feature on the site, which rarely stocks full lines, but also support an online knowledge base which serves as an authoritative resource for customers.

About The Founders

Jessica started her online career in the travel industry, as a British Airways graduate recruit.   A role at an investment bank then followed, where she specialized in large-scale web implementations at financial services companies, before leaving to start Cult Beauty.

Alexia gained a degree in fashion design before embarking on roles in the worlds of modelling, design, journalism and fashion & beauty PR.

Frustrated with the traditional way in which beauty products were bought and sold, the two women joined forces and launched e-boutique Cult Beauty.

Jessica and Alexia were both featured in Management Today magazine’s elite list of 35 businesswomen aged under 35, as part of the publication’s tenth anniversary issue.