About TrustLuxe

ACTIVE: 2015 – present


Managed and edited by China’s foremost luxury experts, TrustLuxe is the first portal of its kind in the Asian continent. Publishing the latest content and information on luxury goods, fine jewelry, as well as lifestyle products and services, the platform enables the discerning Chinese consumer to choose wisely.

Due to its size and population, the Chinese market can be saturated with businesses with various degrees of merit. The brands, companies and services featured on the site allow TrustLuxe to uphold their reputation and confirm their standing in the local market. For sophisticated, like-minded Chinese consumers, the company provides a trusted online environment in which to discover them.

Spanning a wide range of culture and lifestyle categories including Architecture, Literature, Fashion, Accessories, Fine Jewelry, Investment, Real Estate, Aviation, Yachting, Self-Development, and Tech, TrustLuxe’s savvy editorial team, report, rate, and give their trusted seal of approval to various entities.

The company’s carefully curated edits and features focus on timeless luxury pieces whose appeal goes beyond seasons and trends, and objects that are immaculately crafted from extraordinarily rare materials.

Via TrustLuxe, readers also gain access to information on art, design and cultural events, niche travel destinations and developments in technology, as well as health, beauty and well-being news, as well as other luxury-interest topics.

About The Founder

Ricardo graduated in Economics at the International University of Catalunya in Barcelona, and obtained a P.D.G from IESE Business School.

He arrived in Hong Kong in 1993, has lived in Shanghai since 2006 and has been working with Chinese teams for 21 years. In addition to TrustLuxe, Ricardo is the co-founder and CEO of AsianHorizon Ltd, which facilitates the introduction of niche luxury brands into China.

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