Amanda Hearst Guest Edits Elle And Marie Claire

Photo: Zev Starr-Tambor

Photo: Zev Starr-Tambor

Celebrated on 22nd April, Earth Day now has over a billion participants worldwide. The annual event, which has since evolved into Earth Week and Earth Month, was established forty-eight years ago to create awareness and appreciation of the planet, and encourages everyone from individuals and businesses to schools and governments to eradicate ‘Environmental Apathy’ by fostering awareness, knowledge, education, stewardship and activism towards global environmental issues. 

In recognition of this year’s Earth Day, Amanda Hearst, co-founder of luxury ethical retailer MAISON-DE-MODE.COM, has shared with the readers of ELLE and Marie Claire magazines a selection of her favorite fashion labels that place sustainability front and center, and here we take a look at each of the companies featured…

Sustainable Designers


Created by Nicole Heim and Chelsea Healy, seasonless New York City-based womenswear brand Cienne was founded on the basis of three specific pillars of sustainability: Empowering People, Producing Responsibly and Elevating & Preserving Craftsmanship. The design duo work with natural and sustainable fibers sourced from global communities and high-end mills across Asia, Africa, Europe and South America; support small businesses and local manufacturing by producing their collections in New York City’s Garment District; and count master craftspeople in developing countries among their team of skilled makers.

Fanm Mom

Luxury womenswear brand Fanm Mom was launched in 2013 by designer Sophia Demirtas and her husband Kerem. Based in Turkey, it was conceived when Sophia couldn’t find the clothing she wanted to wear, and her vibrantly colored designs, which feature both traditional and proprietary hand embroidery techniques, are now capturing attention worldwide. Crafted in the company’s private atelier in Ukraine, Fanm Mom designs combine traditional styles with modern day wearability.

Sustainable Designers

Nomadic Collector

Costa Rica-based Stefani De La O is the founder and creative director of luxury accessories label Nomadic Collector. With a Central American upbringing immersed in native materials and artisanal craft, and a career background in architecture and industrial design, De La O’s ‘innovation through tradition’ approach results in one-of-a kind pieces handmade from carbon-neutral leather and reforested wood.


Founded in 2015 by Basma Abdul Hadi, the Amman native scours villages in Turkey, Jordan and beyond for ethically sourced, original handicraft techniques and collaborates with small business owners and local weavers on her range of tactile totes. What began as a passion project has since grown into a bone fide sustainable brand, which produces luxury, limited edition products that support ailing communities.

Sustainable Designers


Renowned as one of the forerunners of eco-conscious fashion, sustainability has always been part of Oskalen founder Oskar Metsavaht’s work. The Brazilian designer, who has been honoured with numerous awards for his commitment to preserving natural resources, is also the founder of Instituto-E, which in partnership with other companies, institutions and research centers, identifies and develops fabrics based on socio-environmental criteria, including fish leather, Amazonian jute, silk straw fibers and organic cotton.

Maggie Marilyn

Launched in 2016, this New Zealand-based womenswear brand is designed with consciousness in mind. Its eponymous founder, known for her modern-luxe aesthetic, is committed to ethical production,  and attention to the impact her business has on the environment, by using organic and recycled materials for example, and ensuring her employees receive a living wage are just some of the practices that are built into the brand.


Founded by Shivam Punjya, New York-based Behno operates its own factory in a small village in the western state of Gujarat in India, that not only produces the brand's high-end clothing, but has also been designed to improve the lives of its workers. Operating under a set of 'Behno Standards', the socially-driven project aims to address garment worker health, social mobility, women's rights, family planning, worker satisfaction and benefits, and eco-consciousness.

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