Berlin SS18: Highlights

For Berlin Fashion Week for Spring/Summer '18, designers from in and around Germany presented us with unique collections ranging from the functional to elegant gowns, princess-style midis and statement shirts, and stylish, bold leather styles. Transparent flowing fabrics, oversized belts, pastel colors and vibrant prints are just some of the elements Berlin inspired us with for SS18. Here are some of our favorite shows: 

Prabal Gurung

Photos: Getty Images

Photos: Getty Images

Inspired by the Moroccan artist Hasaan Hajjaj, New York-based Prabal Gurung’s Resort 18 collection was his ode to multiculturalism and the championing of diversity and womanhood. A regular at New York Fashion Week, his first show in Berlin comes as part of his further expansion strategies into the European market. His collection featured a series of statement t-shirts with slogans such as  “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” and “I Am An Immigrant”, reflecting his political and ethical views.

Marina Hoermanseder

Berlin SS18

Austrian-born, Berlin based Marina Hoermanseder is one of the most anticipated designers at Berlin Fashion Week, and has been a regular since 2014. Her signature style - innovative leather creations inspired by orthopedic corsets and fetish elements - has already been admired by celebrities including Lady Gaga, Rhianna and FKA Twigs.

The designer’s Russian inspired SS18 collection featured her trademark leather strap skirts, elegantly embellished corsets, statement belts and a daring and extravagant Russian Matryoshka-inspired piece in trash-irony style.

Rianna + Nina

Berlin ss18

The duo, already admired by Carmen, presented their collection "It's all Greek to me" at the Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin in co-operation with Swarovski and Vogue. It showcased kimonos, skirts, blouses and bags crafted from the finest fabrics printed with traditional Greek folklore motives, inspired by Rianna’s memories of her homeland.

Lena Hoschek

Lena Hoscheck SS18

Austrian designer Lena Hoschek, whose signature style is inspired by the pin-up girls from the 50s and the traditional Austrian Dirndl costume, is another regular at Berlin Fashion Week.

Her collection "Kiss Me Piroschka!", inspired by Hungarian folklore, showcased intrinsically embroidered and colorfully printed pieces accentuated with oversized tribal jewelry, leaving you with a feeling of cool and chic bohemian-flair.

Anja Gockel

Berlin SS18

Anja Gockel, who has been in business since 1994, has already dressed the likes of Heidi Klum, Diane Kruger and Gwyneth Paltrow. Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh was the inspiration behind her latest collection “Vincent” and surprisingly, the pieces she showcased, with strong statement colors and style combinations, reflected the character of the Dutch artist more than his paintings - the designer’s take on promoting individuality and personal freedom.

Danny Reinke

Berlin ss18

The young designer Danny Reinke, already a rising star on the German fashion scene, presented a casual couture collection "A Breath Of Nihilism", aimed at modern, urban young women of the expeditive milieu. The collection featured pieces with delicate color palettes, ranging from white to variations of nude and bright sulfur green. Transparent silk fabric and bodice corsets conveyed a contrast between lightness and traditions, a symbol of impermanence and transience.

Marcel Ostertag

Photos: Henrik Bülow

Photos: Henrik Bülow

The abrupt injury-related end of his ballet career prompted Marcel Ostertag to turn to his other passion, fashion. He went on to study fashion design at Esmod, Munich and then at Central Saint Martins. And in addition to Berlin, Marcel has showcased his collections in London and at New York Fashion Week.

The designer’s SS18 collection, "Freedom", is designed to make you forget the hectic pace of life, free your mind from haste and greed and enjoy the present moment in peace and freedom. It featured flowing dresses and transparent blouses decorated with delicate tassel details, and tight mini skirts combined with wide tunics.

Ewa Herzog

Berlin ss18

Berlin-based Ewa Herzog’s collection was inspired by the unconventional and feminine style of Brigitte Bardot in the movie And God Created Woman. It featured her trademark sensual lace designs, impeccably embroidered and colorfully knitted wears and flowing wedding gowns, depicting the carefree and passionate nature of Brigitte’s movie character ‘Juliette’.