BoF Launches Styling Course With Lucinda Chambers

Lucinda Chambers

Since its inception back in 2007, the Business of Fashion has grown from a platform delivering industry intelligence to established creatives, executives and entrepreneurs, to include essential resources for students and the next generation of fashion professionals.

In 2014 it launched BoF Careers, to connect global talent with leading companies in the fashion and luxury industry, and the following year BoF Education was established, which not only publishes an annual survey of the world’s fashion schools, but offers a range of online courses across different facets of the industry, tutored by leading figures in fashion. And the most recent addition to this learning platform is a styling course developed by the former fashion director of British Vogue, Lucinda Chambers.

‘Fashion Styling and Image Making’ is an online guide for aspiring stylists, and includes modules that cover how to develop concepts and research, organize shoots, work between editorial and commercial clients and how to develop a dynamic portfolio.

One of fashion’s most sought-after professions, styling is no longer as elusive and exclusive as it once was. “It is a craft and a skill that you can learn,” said Chambers, who has spent 36 years at the forefront of magazine publishing. “You don’t have to have been the most extraordinary, radical, amazing-looking, highly-intelligent, beautifully-dressed fashionista to do this job. What I would hope for and wish for is that you can start off with a tiny jag of interest in something, a slight curiosity or feeling that maybe this is for you.”

The self-directed course, which includes exclusive video content, practical styling direction and learning materials, is available to anyone around the world. During the 10 hours of study, students will gain an insight into the opportunities and skills required to establish themselves as a stylist, at their own pace, and receive a BoF Certificate upon completion.