Eco-Luxury Travel: Whitepod, Switzerland

eco luxury travel

Can luxury travel truly be eco-friendly? While many of us might be conscious of the effects our jaunts have on the environment, we all need a break sometimes, yes? And in the past, sacrificing our key comforts for low impact travel may have been a trade off too far. However, with the demand for eco-friendly options increasing across the sector, there are now many hotels and resorts that hit the sweet spot - combining ecologically and socially responsible practices with essential services and experiences, Switzerland’s award-winning Whitepod being among them.

Situated in the village of Les Cerniers in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Whitepod has been designed to be in harmony with the surrounding environment, and located at an altitude of 5,577 ft with over four miles of ski slopes, nature lovers and adventure seekers alike escape to this unique eco-retreat.

eco luxury travel

Combining authentic design with the latest tech, home is your own geodesic-dome pod with Instagram-worthy alpine views from your private terrace. And with Pod Suites complete with king size beds, a well-stocked bar, private saunas and an in-room massage service, compromise is certainly not in question.

Each of the pods has been designed to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Covered with white canvas they blend seamlessly with the snow-covered surroundings, and pitched on wooden platforms they have little contact with the ground so can be taken down at a moment’s notice without leaving a trace.

eco luxury travel

With respect for the environment an overriding concern, it’s no surprise that Whitepod’s green credentials are impressive. In terms of the use of traditional energy sources, this is limited to the main lodge, with the pods being heated by wood stoves and lit by petrol lamps; waste is recycled in accordance with local authority guidelines, and water usage is controlled. And with seeking out the spirit of hygge high on the agenda for many, the fact that furniture is crafted from recycled materials or sustainable Swiss wood not only acknowledges ecological issues, but adds to that essential haute-winter coziness.

All the resort’s services, produce, suppliers and expertise are locally based or sourced, including a grocery store that's run for local residents. Staff live nearby and simply walk to work - motorized transport is limited - and Whitepod contributes to local associations and charities to safeguard the local environment and restore landmarks.