How To Help Mexico



A catastrophic 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck near Mexico City on Tuesday, killing over 200 people, adding further grief and devastation in the Americas. 

To make matters worse, Mexico was already recovering from an earthquake that hit less than two weeks ago, and power and phone lines down mean that locals are having trouble getting in touch with loved ones.



There's a large need for clothes, water, and food, and donations are key in helping with rescue missions throughout the country. 

Where you can donate:

1. UNICEF Mexico 

The leading charity organization is providing well-rounded disaster relief to affected regions.

2. Red Cross Mexico 

Dozens of Mexican Red Cross teams have been working into the night, searching for survivors, ferrying injured to medical centres and providing on the spot first aid following yesterday’s deadly earthquake. 

3. Save The Children Mexico

The world's foremost children's charity is focused on providing relief with a focus on children and families. 

4. Oxfam Mexico 

The international confederation works against inequality and will be helping Mexico's most vulnerable during the crisis.

5. Project Paz 

Project Paz is a NYC non-profit helping Latino children thrive in their communities, and will be aiding in Mexico relief.

6. International Community Foundation

The ICF is responding to all disasters in Mexico and the Caribbean.

7. Global Giving Foundation

Here, you can donate to Hurricane Irma and Maria relief, and/or Mexico, and other initiatives.

Please help with a donation, however small. It's an almost unfathomable disaster, but putting one's self in the shoes of another who has lost everything can help us understand how every kind action helps.