The Redress Design Award: Celebrating Sustainable Fashion Talent

Previously known as the EcoChic Design Award, the Redress Design Award, now in its eighth year, is now the world's largest search for sustainable fashion designers.

Launched in Hong Kong, and for local design talent only, back in 2011, the competition’s reach has gradually been extended over the years, and reflecting the increasing global awareness of the ethical and environmental impacts of the fashion industry, this year is now open to all emerging designers and students.

The 2017 award winner Kate Morris (UK).

The 2017 award winner Kate Morris (UK).

The mission behind the competition is to find the next generation of circular economy, minimal waste fashion designers, and to promote the work of those who are focusing on sustainability, up-cycling and zero waste. During each competition cycle, participants are educated about fashion’s negative environmental impacts, and encouraged to use core sustainable design techniques to cut waste out of fashion. 

“The fashion world’s ethical barometers are now switched on and we’re seeing an overarching yearning for positive change,” said Redress founder Christina Dean. “We are now at a critical tipping point to act, especially for emerging designers who are ready to prove to the world that circular fashion can be a beautiful, retail reality.”

Applications for the award, which is open to all emerging designers and students with less than three years’ industry experience, are now being accepted and the closing date for entries is 13th March 2018. Applicants are tasked with designing a sustainable collection that re-claims unwanted textiles in unexpected ways, and must source 100 per cent textile waste for their entries. In addition, designers must incorporate one or more of the three core sustainable design techniques of zero waste, up-cycling and reconstruction in their designs.

Read more about the award here.

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