Venue: Maya's Restaurant, St Barths



Whatever way you look at it, St Barths is paradise. Although some may say that the island has been a little too well-trodden (it’s where ‘everyone’ goes for high summer and the depths of winter right?) I still love it. It’s tropical with a calm European air. Very French - like a mini Riviera just south of Miami.

And my go-to place for dinner on the island is undoubtedly Maya’s, just outside of Gustavia. Perched by the water, the restaurant is somewhat of an institution, and you can’t beat their exceptionally good homemade food by the seaside overlooking the Caribbean sunset. I’ve had many memorable dinners there with friends.

The owners Maya and Randy Gurley and their team are super-friendly, and they always remember the little things I like, usually grilled branzino or salmon with lots of lemon on the side and my favourite vegetables. Maya's changes their menu daily and use ultra-fresh products to keep things simple and clean. They have incredible soups, daily ceviche, tartare or carpaccio of fish. The main courses always include two fresh fish, everything from red snapper to sole and yellowfin tuna. There is shrimp, the local langouste, calamari, and meat dishes. Their coconut tart is great, although I usually go for a fresh fruit bowl or the homemade sorbet.

The restaurant has been open since 1984 and is the result of genuine cultural fusion. Maya was born in Martinique, grew up in Guadeloupe and went to school in France. Her partner Randy was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Massachusetts. They met in St Barths in the mid 70s and lived on a sailboat for 8 years before moving ashore. The multi-cultural experiences are evidenced in the food at Maya – taking the best elements of New English, French, and Creole traditions.  And as remote as St Barths can seem, Maya’s definitely feels like a home away from home when I’m on the island and I highly recommend you drop by.

Maya's Restaurant
La Plage de Public
+ 59 0590 27 75 73