Less Is More: MySwear's Ultimate Stealth Sneaker

white sneakers

An antidote to fashion’s current maximalist mood, MYSWEAR’s pure white Vyner sneakers are the white sneakers to end all white sneakers. 

Recently launched by the London-based brand, this simple style is the latest in its line of fully customizable footwear, and devoid of all details provides the perfect blank canvas for its #YOUCREATEWEMAKE personalization service.

white sneakers

However, the ultra-sleek design has also found fans among minimalists seeking less complicated kicks, as well as those of us wanting a certain level of refinement from our functional footwear. Sometimes, less is indeed more.

In fashion’s current eclectic climate, the simple plain white sneaker is once again coming into its own.

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Photos: @wethepeoplestyle via @swearlondon