Dr Jackson's Honored At Mama & Baby Awards


Recognizing the stand-out natural products for mothers, babies and children, The Beauty Shortlist has just announced the winners of its 2019 Mama & Baby Awards. And among the ethical brands honored this year by the influential beauty blog was Carmen-backed Dr Jackson’s, which received awards for seven of its skincare and well-being products.

Founded in 2008, Dr Jackson’s combines cutting-edge research with century-old traditions to produce its all-natural, organic line, and was among another record-breaking number of entrants this year. Judged by an independent panel of beauty experts, the brands taking part in the awards span beauty, pregnancy, health, baby and toddler, planet-friendly cleaners, nutritional products and aromatherapy, and here are the products that saw Dr Jackson’s scoop the top spots, including two prestigious Editor's Choice awards.

Dr Jacksons Night Cream

'Best Night Cream For Mums' - Dr Jackson's 02 Night Cream

An intensely rich and nourishing moisturizer, clinical trials have proved that a single application of this cream hydrates the skin for eight hours. Full of natural ingredients, it works overnight to repair skin weakened by dehydration, stress and sun damage.

Dr Jacksons Coconut Melt

'Editor's Choice' - Dr Jackson's 04 Coconut Melt

This hydrating and softening all-purpose balm is a Carmen favorite. Containing 100% organic coconut oil it can be used to moisturize lips, soften hair and smooth out lines.

Dr Jacksons Body Perfecting Gel

'Editor's Choice' - Dr Jackson's 06 Body Perfecting Gel

Ideal for an active lifestyle, this all-over moisturizing gel absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving zero residue or stickiness. Rich in antioxidants, the lightweight formula revitalizes, hydrates and retexturizes the skin, and can help relieve tired muscles.

Dr Jacksons Baobab Rose Oil

'Best Body Oil For Mums' - Dr Jackson's Baobab & Rose Oil

Dubbed self-care in a bottle, the moisturizing formula of this 100% natural oil blend penetrates deeply into the skin to nourish and soften, and is fragranced with the relaxing scent of Damask Rose.

Dr Jacksons Teas

'Best Wellbeing Tea Brand' - Dr Jackson's Expedition, Detox & Relax Tea

Dr Jackson’s range of organic herbal teas complement its philosophy of holistic beauty, and three blends were recognized in the Wellbeing category: Expedition Tea, a caffeine-free wake-up call, which contains antioxidant-rich and immune-boosting ingredients to revitalize the body and enliven the mind; Detox Tea, a reset button for the body, which aids digestion, soothes the stomach and gently flushes the system: and Relax Tea, which helps relieve feelings of stress and anxiety associated with restlessness and sleepless nights.