Not Just A Label's New Membership Program

Not Just A Label

What is the future of fashion? According to Stefan Siegel, founder of Not Just A Label (NJAL), its “all the things we want to see from the fashion industry: Ethical fashion, small production, locally manufactured, distributed directly from the maker to the consumer”, practices that are inherent among the growing network of 35,000 designers showcased by his online platform. And in order to further support these forward-thinking talents, NJAL has recently launched a premium membership program, which will provide subscribers with a range of additional initiatives and tools to help them to continue to grow their fledgling businesses.

Launched in 2008, NJAL enables designers to connect to a global audience via their own virtual showrooms. Representing individuals from more than 150 countries, the platform helps them gain exposure in the fashion industry at no cost, facilitating direct contact with renowned stylists, buyers, celebrities and press. It also allows each designer to establish his or her own voice and image within the industry, finance their progression independently and retail their designs from anywhere in the world. And NJAL also promotes its design talent through its own media channels, as well as via collaborations and partnerships with fashion publications, stylists and other media outlets.

While having a profile on the site will continue to be free for all designers, a paid-for subscription will provide access to NJAL’s new e-commerce platform, which directs visitors back to a designer’s personal online store at no commission. Members will also be able to access a “carefully curated tool kit”, which includes a range of discounted products and services across marketing, education and manufacturing, and from the likes of Starworks Group, Apple, DHL and Tranoi. “The purpose of NJAL+ is to empower emerging designers, providing them with key connections and experiences that will unlock greater levels of growth,” Siegel told WWD.