Larry Guterman & Sachin Khanna     Photo: Anne Cronin Photography

Larry Guterman & Sachin Khanna

 Photo: Anne Cronin Photography









While new forms of communication are increasingly being innovated and adopted, voice-to-voice connection will always be the most human and meaningful exchange.

SonicCloud's mission is to advance human communication through personalization, breakthroughs in digital signal processing, and sonic clarity.

The company's revolutionary technology instantly personalizes sounds coming from your smartphone and laptop. For the first time, every phone call you make and every video you watch will be perfectly tuned to your hearing.

SonicCloud touches individuals directly through their dedicated apps, and works with strategic partners to connect people who require elevated sonic solutions.

"SonicCloud is a game changer. It provides unparalleled user controls capable of enhancing sound for people with mild to severe hearing loss as well as those without hearing loss who can benefit from enhanced audibility in difficult listening situations. The hearing fingerprint assessment is user friendly and engaging, providing customizable quality to fit the listener's unique needs. If you have difficulty hearing on your smart phone, try the SonicCloud solution." - Jody Winzelberg, Fmr Chief of Audiology, Stanford Children's Health.



Sachin Khanna (Chief Executive Officer)

Raised in New Delhi, India, Sachin followed his dream of being a technology entrepreneur and moved to San Francisco in the early 90s.

After receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering, Sachin pursued a successful career spanning 20+ years in engineering, business development, executive management and board roles working with multi-billion dollar corporations and technology start-ups. Previous firms include Synopsys and Altera.

He has served as CEO of SonicCloud since 2015. His vision for SonicCloud is to make a rich hearing experiences accessible and affordable to those with hearing loss.

Larry Guterman (Chief Customer Officer)

Larry brings vast experience as a successful Hollywood feature-film director to bear on making "Accessibility Accessible" for SonicCloud customers.

In addition to an AB in Physics from Harvard, where he worked on the Harvard Lampoon after attending MIT in his freshman year, Larry holds an MA in Film from USC. He was personally selected by Steven Spielberg to direct DreamWorks' flagship interactive computer game, "Gooosebumps", straight out of film school. He then went on to direct highly profitable films for Warner Bros. ("Cats & Dogs") and DreamWorks ("Antz"as co-director).

While developing his film career, Larry also poured his creative energies into SonicCloud. Having significant hearing loss since he was a college student, Larry knew first-hand the frustrations of hearing impairment, especially when listening on his phone and laptop. Together with world-class audiologists, digital signal processing experts, and auditory neuroscientists, the team was able to come up with a solution that nobody else thought was possible. 

Watch the video below to discover the difference SonicCloud makes to people with hearing loss. 

In this video, Carmen gets excited about SonicCloud's functionality.